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Creation and adaptation of mobile website WAP:
Millions of companies worldwide have been forced to have a presence on the net to meet this new market and compete with their competitors. Today, with the advent of mobile devices with appropriate use of the web browsing is as easy and mobile access to information is often faster than from a conventional computer with application specific mobile and mobile website. Users attracted by the new media are becoming more numerous. Now habits are changing at a very fast, in just a few years the Internet is radically changing direction, this trend will also continue its incredible growth for years to come. Of course the companies that own a website feel a need to move towards this new medium and to develop new strategies and development focus by adjusting their structures to this new media to retain customers and existing users and win new ...

For each new project Dot Com offers WAP development of a version of your website compatible and accessible from the various mobile platforms, any changes on your website is real-time version of website mobile. A website for mobile version provides accessibility and convenience to your customers and visitors and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime using their mobile devices. This accessibility is to develop a version of the existing website and its compatibility with platforms and mobile devices. The WAP site detects the mobile device used by the user (desktop or mobile device) and redirects to the correct version of the website. You do not need to manage two different content to two different sites. Once you make an update on your website the mobile version is updated immediately and automatically. With the mobile website version, compatibility spans all market platforms (iPhone, Android, Black- Berry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, samsong, ...) The mobile version of your website works seamlessly and does not require specific development to implementation, no maintenance is needed, no frequent updating, no administration.

Stay connected with the mobile web
The full integration in all aspects of daily life of mobile devices does not leave one to believe in social phenomenon or a tool reserved for "geeks". Indeed, websites and mobile applications for mobile target today at a wide audience. With the solutions of mobile and web applications for mobile it is permanently connected, day and night, access to internet Flash is as simple as that. The use increases the availability of rich and varied applications.
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